Master Key Experience Week 21: A miracle?

I was told Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I can’t state what is the right answer, but for me, I find little things can be miracles. The rain, the snow, day, night, a beautiful day…. anything and everything.

Another great thing to know is that you are the answer!

The other day, my Regional Vice President, Anthony called me up with a message he had received. The message was from a person that we had spoken to a few years ago about financial concepts and helping join our crusade. He stated he had lost our information, but had been looking for it and finally came across it.

It is true, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I cannot say yet what will be result of this call, but I can say the master key system does have an affect.

Yes, life is a miracle.


Master Key Experience Week 20: A lesson.

I start this with a question. What would the person I intend to become do next?

Would I watch TV? A movie, perhaps? Ignore my DMP? I don’t think so. My break is over. Time to get back to “the grind?”. That’s no fun. 😦 Luckily, fun is not my primary motivator. I think it is time to “do the math”.

My Regional Vice President, Anthony Barone, said the math is the math. Find 10, show 4, 1 will follow. Some days you have the odds in your favor, sometimes not. Mark J. says that if we follow the Hero’s Journey, give gratitude’s and follow the Laws of the Mind, we will win.

TomAto, Tomato. With enthusiasm, I will listen to the ‘coach’ and happily meet people, make phone calls, talk with folk.

What is the most important task? What would the future me be most happy that I did? Your future you is watching…


Master Key Experience Week 19: A rest?

This week was a rest week for me. I decided that I would be thankful and listen to my body.

My Franklin Makeover word of the week was self-control, and continuing to see kindness. As a generally calm person, I find it easy to control emotion. While driving, however, I must generally exercise more self-control then in other situations.

I decided to ‘project’ green lights while traveling. I must admit that while I still plenty of ‘red’, I can use that to project me closer to my goals. Red is to have $1,000,000. I guess a red light is not so bad, huh? I digress. Getting back to self-control, I am able to see in others how they can take situations where control is essential, such as a fireman who runs to a fire instead of away, or a policeman running toward gunfire.

Or myself, who must stay calm at a frustrated tax-payer who thought they would get a refund, but instead owe the government(s)- Fed/State. True it is not the same degree of ‘pain’, but it is still self-control that must be exercised.

I find self-control, and carry on.


Master Key Experience Week 18: Promises were made…

One of the main promises I keep is, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy”. These are indeed words to live by, but do I? Yes! I do. So I ask, “What would the person I intend to become do next?”

Part of the master key we learned was about happiness is not contingent on the “moving goal post”, rather become happy and success follows. (Perhaps not by thought alone, but rather through work.) So after I do my OATS (set Objective, create Actions to meet objective, compute the Time needed for the actions – +20%, and Schedule it – in writing), I think that I succeed and just need to do it now. Easy peasy.

What is your thoughts? Are they bright? Remember, I love you and together EVERYONE achieves more 🙂

Remember, I always keep my promises.


Master Key Experience Week 17HJ: Should I go left or right?

As the reluctant hero hits the fork in the road, I find myself with a decision. Do I get to the left, a well traveled road that is written by the old blue print? This road is safe and complete with a max salary and known be the “same old, same old”.

Both roads look like fun to go. Which one goes up the mountain?

At the same time, the sign points to the right, the road less traveled and the “new” blueprint. Far down the road, I can almost see a golden child. But I am frightened of the success it may bring. I wonder why would I be frightened? Certainly I have attained success in my life before. I have a beautiful wife who loves me, a house that keeps me cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and a car that is very nice to drive.

It seems to me that it is a no-brain decision to go right…. Will I? Stay tuned.


Master Key Experience Week 17: Let the journey begin.

This week we started the hero’s journey “chapter”. Like the story goes, this hero was reluctant and at times resistant to start my journey.

For my ‘make-over’ I started to look into organization. I cleaned up some wires near my computer. It looks good (relative to the “before). My old blue-print is fighting to stay alive. It becomes hard to focus, but with my mastermind partner and the master keys with a touch of Think and Grow Rich, I find it more easy to fight the old blueprint and work on the new.

I am confident that I will overcome myself and move forward on my journey. My plan of action is realistic, and I am building my burning desire with a mastermind to reach my goals. The mountain is big, but not impossible.


Master Key Experience Week 16: A simple kindness

Last week I spoke of a makeover. I think Laura Hitt has the right idea. You can check it out here. My makeover began with ENTHUSIASM. This week it is kindness.

My thoughts on kindness is that it is easy to give away, but hard for people to actually do. My wife is very kind, I believe I am too. If we give it away, it must return!

I am amazed that as the news reports more and more discord how there is also more kindness to be seen in my world. I am blessed and thankful that the MKE course informs people about the Franklin Makeover in order to improve and look for virtues such as kindness.

What was your kind act?


Master Key Experience Week 15: Time for a makeover

This week I learned about the Franklin Makeover, and was taught a modified version whereby I looked for enthusiasm. Thank goodness I must know enthusiasm for I would not be able to identify it if I did not have it. I find that as a person that does not get very emotional to the point of upsetting the wife, does indeed get emotional.

Today, as a write this, we are supposed to look for kindness. I am still, however, looking for enthusiasm. I find both of them on the master keys with Mark J. I must say that I am grateful for him as he is helping me to improve my mind and do a makeover on myself.

I believe there is still plenty of “work” that needs to be done, but through the 7-laws of the mind, all things are possible. All I have to do is build the bridge, then cross it.

I promise to see you at the top! (And I always keep my promises.)


Master Key Experience Week 14: Happy, Happy.

Happy anniversary… done. Happy holidays… check. Happy Birthday… indeed.

Only the new year remains.

This week I watched Rudy. It was inspiring movie of a kid that wanted to go to Notre Dame and be on the football team from childhood, but lacked the physical and mental talent to do so. He had a burning goal (DMP) to do so, but lacked “outside” motivation as his family and friends did not believe he could do it and “beat” him into getting a job and forgetting about his dream.

Only his best friend encouraged him, but it was not enough. One day at the job there was an accident and his best friend died. This was enough for him to decide to go on the hero’s journey and create a plan of action (POA). He took a trip to the college and saw a priest and had created a mastermind alliance (MMA). This priest helped him to go to a neighboring religious college to help him apply as a transfer student in 6+ months.

I am not going to say more, you will have to watch the movie. But I will say that our hero Rudy had a DMP, POA, & MMA in order to reach his goal.

Likewise, I have a DMP, POA & MMA. Through the 7-laws, as long as I apply them correctly, I must win!


Master Key Experience Week 13: A secret?

This week I was (re)introduced to Earl Nightingale. I recall a few (Ahem) decades ago, I used to listen to a lot of tapes by him. He was awesome to listen to, but I guess I did not get it. I enjoyed it, but never put to action. Well, isn’t it the strangest secret to know that I knew?

I decided to not be a bear and hug the issue(s) but rather grin and bear it :). It is a time of moving on and set goals for next year, while performing the actions in order to set myself up for success.

My DMP/ Dharma is calling me. Do I hear it? Yes, of course, plot the course and set the sail. Here I come!


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