Master Key Experience Week 12: Excitement is in the air!

We learned about back linking. Like my friend Suzanne (, I feel re-reading the master keys can result in new understandings. I also think about the scroll readings and increased vigor!

My master keys partner Ron, ( also reminded me, “‘Whatsoever things I desire, when I pray and believe I receive them, I will have them.’ I know these to be true, therefore I persist, and I win!”

I am feeling ‘whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy’. For the week, I must ‘do it now!’ My belief of becoming a division leader before/ by my birthday December 26 is starting to waiver. I am starting to make ‘excuses’ and say that a promotion to District Leader is acceptable, and it is. But it is not my promise. I must be what I can be.

Another thing I learned was how to get a list of people I can call. I believe that even though there is two short weeks left in the month, this can be the best month of the year, and possibly my career.

I can do this! I [will] do this!


I always keep my promises,

Your friend, Stu

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